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Focusing on cutting-edge technologies, Scott works with start-ups, inventors, and Fortune 500 companies.  With nearly three decades of experience in all aspects of IP law, Scott strives for efficient and timely service and keeps clients involved in the process of their own success.

PATENTS -- Inventions are protected by patents.  Because patents are territorial, applying only to activities within the particular country, the timing and extent of patent protection depends upon the goals of the client as well as the location of the primary markets and competitors.  One size does not fit all, and it is important to understand the options, advantages, and work toward a solution that fits the client's specific needs.

TRADEMARKS -- Brands are protected by trademarks.  This can be a word, a marketing phrase, a logo, and even such aspects of the brand as the color, packaging, and sounds.  Unlike patents that are only active for a limited period of time, trademarks may be perpetually renewed so long as protection is needed.  Like patents, however, trademarks are territorial and a worldwide strategy may be necessary to completely protect the client's interests.

COPYRIGHTS -- Artistic expression is protected by copyrights.  Whether you have a new song, a book, a sculpture or painting, or even a software program or architectural plans, copyrights are the foundation upon which authors and artists, programmers and architects, protect their work.  And with the long period of protection afforded under copyright law, these rights can often be passed down through the generations as a lasting legacy.

Recent Results
When one of Scott’s clients was faced with an infringement suit by a competitor that had a soon-to-be-issued patent, Scott directed a worldwide patent search and went to work analyzing the patent’s prosecution history. He not only helped his client avoid litigation that could have been costly and crippling to business, he created an environment for use of his client’s product without restriction.

Beyond the Office
While at Stanford, Scott was a two-time All-American in gymnastics and competed internationally for the U.S.  He now judges men’s gymnastics including NCAA and National Championships competitions, and is Director for Men's Gymnastics Judging on the West Coast.  Scott is currently president of his local neighborhood association Board, having received the NW Examiner Community Award in 2016 for his public service.  Scott also serves as a Board Member of several other non-profits, is an adjunct professor at PSU in the Technology Engineering Management Department, and is a member of the MelloMacs, a show choir of the Multnomah Athletic Club, with whom he has sung at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  In what little downtime he has, Scott enjoys family hikes, reading and composing at the piano.